WWE Confirm Ricochet Signing

He's finally here.

Ricochet Thumbs Up
Oli Sandler / The Ringside Perspective

After months of speculation, WWE has at last announced the formal acquisition of Trevor Mann, better known as Ricochet.

The 29-year-old, introduced by the company's website as an "indescribably creative" performer, is reported to have began work at NXT's Orlando Performance Centre today. Further details around his contract, including its length, have not been disclosed, but it is likely to be a multi-year deal.

With stints in the United States, Japan and Mexico on his résumé, Ricochet heads to to Vince McMahon's empire with a wealth of wrestling experience. His most recent outing came at PWG's Mystery Vortex V, where he surrendered the promotion's world title in his farewell appearance.


The Kentucky-native has also amassed a considerable fan following for his innovative style in the ring, which has drawn comparisons to that of a young Rey Mysterio. The series of matches he shared with Will Ospreay, in particular, caught the headlines early last year.

A nimble high-flyer, Ricochet is an obvious candidate to join WWE's 205 Live ranks, which is short on star power after the departures of Neville and Austin Aries. Having already fronted highly-acclaimed shows around the world, however, it would be to the surprise of few if he set his sights higher up the food chain.

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