WWE CONFIRMS Hulk Hogan For Crown Jewel


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That’s the only word that springs to mind upon learning of this breaking news story—if only because WWE came under intense mainstream scrutiny for proceeding with the controversial show in the first place. WWE has, as first noticed by PWInsider.com, currently listed Hulk Hogan as appearing at Crown Jewel on the official event page.

This is turning into the set-up of an actual joke: How do you make a propaganda exercise even more problematic?


Get a racist to appear on it!

This is another sensational layer to a sensational story, one almost impressive in how brazen it is. It is absolutely unbelievable, but also so grimly believable as to be inevitable. We can only infer at this point that A) the 1990s-daft Saudis have handed over yet another boatload of cash to secure the services of a beloved, creaking legend, B) WWE has cynically waited for this show to welcome Hogan back, knowing that he’s not as likely to receive the potentially toxic reaction from a U.S. audience more aware of the racism furore or C) WWE has simply, completely, ran out of f*cks.


It’s the last one, isn’t it?

We look forward to seeing Hulk Hogan wrestle...except that's not happening. We look forward to hearing Hogan cut a stirring, patriotic promo...except that's not happening. Crown Jewel, not that WWE will admit this, is in Saudi Arabia. Never mind what we're gonna do, when Hulk Hogan runs wild.


What's Hogan gonna do?

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