WWE Considering Further NXT: TakeOver Specials?

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On Sunday's edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that, in addition to filming live events to drive something of a price hike aimed at the most hardcore of the hardcore, WWE is also considering adding further NXT TakeOver events to the annual schedule.

Provided we're not in for a deluge of content for content's sake - do we really need to see Kona Reeves wrestle every month on 4.5 hour shows? - this isn't too worrying a development.

Take, for instance, Keith Lee, who - spoiler warning - hasn't yet made us bask in his glory. He isn't set for a TakeOver: WarGames match. Indirectly, this casts him as the stocking filler among William Regal's so-called "shiny new toys". A performer signed subsequently to him, Matt Riddle, is receiving the TakeOver debut treatment instead. Lee's PWG ***** rival, the renamed Dominik Dijakovic, barely gets on NXT TV. It's difficult to take seriously the push of Reeves, when the 'Finest' can't find himself on the pseudo-PPV stage.


All the while, as time passes, these performers develop the dreaded "also-ran" stigma, something more - three more at a maximum - TakeOver events could prevent, in addition to sustaining the Sunday morning high that makes wrestling such a better place five times a year.

It isn't even too realistic a development either, observing this subjectively; for an eternity now, we've heard reports that WWE is on the verge of adding content from Insane Championship Wrestling, EVOLVE and PROGRESS to a new tier of the Network, a move that would involve nothing taxing beyond uploading existing material.


Until it happens, don't get your hopes up...

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