WWE Considering Global Women's Tournament?

The female wrestling revolution in WWE could be set to continue.

Sara Del Rey

It's no secret that Vince McMahon doesn't feel that tournaments have a place in WWE, but something does seem to be changing on that subject. Earlier this year WWE announced the Global Cruiserweight Series, a 32-man tournament featuring cruiserweight wrestlers from all over the world that would take place exclusively on the WWE Network.

The qualifiers for that tournament have begun, and rumour has it that WWE is planning a similar series for the women of the pro graps world sometime in the future. The rumour stems from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, who claim that the tournament would most likely be along similar lines to the cruiserweight series in that it would be a mix of signed talent and non-WWE performers.

Women's wrestling is in great health all around the world, and putting together such a tournament can only be positive for both WWE and the wider wrestling world. It may just be a rumour, but fantasy bookers can now go into overdrive putting together their desired fields. What price Manami Toyota vs. Eva Marie, or even Sara Del Rey finally wrestling in a WWE ring?

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