WWE: Controversial 1991 Ultimate Warrior Letter To Vince McMahon Leaks Online

The Ultimate Warrior's return to WWE as a Hall of Famer this year is one of the biggest stories in WWE so far in 2014. It's been nearly 20 years since he had any involvement with the company, so for him to return made headlines around the wrestling world. Recently, there's been a revelation about some of his dealings with WWE in the form of a letter he wrote to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon in 1991. The physical letters have been posted online that shows it was a handwritten letter by Ultimate Warrior on July 10, 1991. The letters were also re-posted on the internet on many different websites and can be read here. What have we learned from it all? That the Warrior really takes a long time to make a point. He also capitalizes phrases like "The One" just because he's a unique guy like that. Obviously he was frustrated with things at the time because he was a top guy a year earlier and then things just sort of fell apart for him. Since this was dated in the summer of 1991, we know that it was a little over one year until things fell apart for him in WWE and he ended up parting with the company in 1992. What did we learn from this letter from Warrior as well as the reply from McMahon? 1. McMahon agreed to pay Warrior $550,000 for his performance at WrestleMania VII. If you'll recall, that was for Warrior's awesome match with Randy Savage that would lead to Savage's "retirement" from WWE although Savage did return to the ring later in 1991. That information is also good insight for fans to understand how much money a performer could make for being in a main event level match at WrestleMania. 2. Warrior wanted four days off every other time off period. In other words, he was working a lot and wanted a chance to rest his body when he could. That makes sense, so McMahon agreed to that. 3. Warrior wanted more money than anybody else with McMahon responding to him saying "no other WWF athlete will be paid at a higher rate." Sounds nice, but it didn't last. 4. He wanted an increase in royalties, which McMahon was happy to give him. 5. There was a Warrior hotline number at the time, so he wanted his pay to be similar to Hulk Hogan was getting from his hotline. The ending of McMahon's letter was telling in the sense that you could see that he valued Warrior's presence in his company. He wrote the following: "I regret the turmoil you've put yourself though and your agonizing over what you feel is fair compensation. And even though we have a difference of opinion over some of these matters, I am resolved to work with you in the same honest and equitable way that I always have. Furthermore, I would like to express to you my deepest appreciation and admiration for you as a performer, as a member of the WWF family, as a man and as my friend." Following SummerSlam in 1991, WWE suspended Warrior. Obviously things took a turn for the worse with McMahon saying WWE couldn't deal with Warrior's demands anymore. It's understandable because Warrior demanded a lot. It also shows that McMahon was basically just telling Warrior what he wanted to hear, which is an underhanded form of business practice, but it's also part of what happens in the wrestling business. Warrior would return in a huge moment at the end of WrestleMania 8 when he saved Hulk Hogan from an attack from Sid Justice and Papa Shango. The insight that the letters provide is interesting and shows just how there is always more to every story.
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