WWE Crown Jewel 2021: Every Match Ranked From Worst To Best

WWE delivers a surprisingly solid Saudi show (for once).

WWE Crown Jewel 2021 Edge Seth Rollins

There's been plenty of understandable controversy about WWE's decision to hold a series of events in Saudi Arabia over the last few years, but even away from the significant political concerns, these shows have mostly been majorly missed opportunities.

Despite the massive crowds they've drawn, these events have more often than not felt like glorified, big-budget house shows, and largely been panned by fans and wrestling pundits to that effect.

Crown Jewel 2021 was by no means a WrestleMania-caliber homerun, but it was at least a step in the right direction.

Sure, the four-hour show was bloated out with at least a match or two too many, but the general standard of the wrestling was respectably solid, with only one real damp squib among the 10 bouts on offer.

While not a single of the four titles on the line changed hands - again, inviting that house show comparison - there were nevertheless some compelling teases for the future, and the King of the Ring tournament was certainly settled in satisfying fashion.

It wasn't a great event overall, but its highs were very high, and its lows honestly weren't that low at all, which is a totally commendable place for one of these contentious shows to end up...

10. Queen's Crown Final: Zelina Vega Vs. Doudrop

WWE Crown Jewel 2021 Edge Seth Rollins

Result: Vega puts Doudrop down with a Code Red for the win (5:55).

Rating: Well, what did anyone really expect from this? Audience investment was wafer-thin both live and at home, but Vega and Doudrop at least tried to play up the speed vs. size aspect a little.

Keeping this barely five minutes in length was certainly a smart call, that's for sure, and the finish was surprisingly strong.

It certainly wasn't terrible but it also did very little to make anyone care about it, or the Queen's Crown sadly. Hopefully Zelina will at least get some worthwhile momentum off the back of it. 4/10


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