WWE Crown Jewel: Every Match Ranked From Worst To Best

Solid highs and abysmal lows.

WWE Crown Jewel DX Brothers Of Destruction

WWE's mega-controversial Crown Jewel show has now come and gone, and to the surprise of absolutely no-one, the various scandals and PR misfires surrounding the event ultimately turned out to be far more interesting than the stunningly bland show itself.

In fairness, there was a lot of watchable-to-good content on Crown Jewel, even if its bloated twelve-match card reeked too often of low-effort, TV-calibre fare.

WWE then went one step further, though, by flipping the bird to fans and closing the show out with three objectively terrible matches seemingly booked with the sole intent of trolling viewers.

Above all else, the show proves that even a fat pay-day can't incentivise the company to put on an event truly worthy of all this pomp and ceremony.

Needless to say, if you skipped the show entirely - for political reasons or otherwise - you didn't miss much, and if you simply want to save four hours of your life, this is how it all went down...


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