WWE: Daniel Bryan White House Petition Pulled After 100,000 Signatures

US President Barack Obama nearly had to moderate creative differences between WWE and its fanbase.

United States President Barack Obama came close to being forced to moderate creative differences between WWE and its fanbase. A petition to the White House had hit nearly 100,000 signatures that demand popular wrestling star Daniel Bryan feature in the main event of Wrestlemania 30. It has now been pulled from http://www.whitehouse.gov/ due to the government moderation policy on public petitions. Apparently it was a violation of terms of participation, however, it serves as yet another reminder of the power of Bryan's popularity. Clearly in a democracy he is the man who fans want to see headline Wrestlemania. WWE feel differently however. Hence Bryan was not even entered in last Sunday's Royal Rumble which witnessed Batista win the 30 man contest to seal his place as April's Wrestlemania main event. The returning Batista was mean to be a hero, but instead was showered with boos as fans demanded Daniel Bryan. The government obviously wanted no part in telling WWE Chairman Vince McMahon what to do. It looks as if the chairman is indeed intent on sticking with Dave Batista as his Wrestlemania main eventer. Daniel Bryan is instead expected to make do with an upper mid card match against former WWE Champion Triple H. Alternatively it has also been rumoured Bryan may clash with Sheamus at the New Orleans megashow on April 6th. Other controversies surrounding Bryan's Rumble exclusion included former WWE superstar Mick Foley taking a sledgehammer to his television. The man formerly known as Mankind also posted an F word led blog about his anger at Bryan's treatment. It pretty much summed up the mass feeling of WWE fans. The anger has been so intense over this controversy that the BBC News website has even picked it up. All eyes are on WWE now to see if they give in to audience criticism and change plans.
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