WWE Day 1 Returning In 2023

WWE's newest premium live event returns to Atlanta in January.

WWE Day 1

WWE will run its Day 1 premium live event on New Year's Day for the second consecutive year, the promotion has confirmed.

The show returns to Atlanta, Georgia's State Farm Arena on Sunday 1 January 2023. A presale sign-up link is now available ahead of tickets officially going on sale.

Brock Lesnar featuring prominently in the advertising could be interpreted as a sign that 'The Beast Incarnate' is set to play a big role on the show. This comes following SummerSlam 2022, where Brock was defeated in his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship main event with Roman Reigns, though it took multiple interferences (and a lot of plunder) to put him down.


WWE's first Day 1 premium live event was held in the same arena on Saturday 1 January 2022. 11,213 of the 11,285 tickets made available were distributed, though Michael Cole announced an inflated attendance of 13.657 on the night.

Day 1 2022 was broadly well received, owing primarily to The Usos and The New Day's latest Tag Team Title battle and an all-action main event pitting Lesnar, Big E, Bobby Lashley, Kevin Owens, and Seth Rollins against each other for the WWE Title.

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