WWE Dealing With COVID-19 Outbreak

Several wrestlers and staff reportedly test positive.

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With the COVID-19 Omicron variant currently causing tighter restrictions and regulations to be implemented across the globe, it's being reported that WWE is currently dealing with a new COVID outbreak.

As per PWInsider, several WWE sources informed them that they'd been contacted and asked to get themselves tested out of caution. Since then, certain wrestlers and staff have tested positive.

This same report notes WWE is still planning to go ahead will all US live events currently booked across the next week, and this is being labelled a situation that couldn't have been avoided, with WWE having been regularly testing talents before allowing them to enter venues.


In an instance where talent are unable to compete on shows they've been advertised for, WWE is already looking at alternative line-ups that may possibly include utilising NXT stars at these events. The company also hopes that any names who are unable to work the Holiday Tour shows will still be able to work the WWE Day 1 PPV on New Year's Day, with that event far enough away that impacted wrestlers will be cleared to perform by then.

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