WWE Debate: Should WWE Have A Stronger Security Presence At Events?

Seth Rollins was put in a horrible situation during Monday's RAW...

Security at events is becoming an increasingly hot topic for debate in WWE at the moment after a number of high profile incidents has exposed a weakness in the company's current measures. Live on RAW this week, while Seth Rollins was making his way to the ring for his second match of the evening, a fan jumped the barricade and made it all the way to ringside before the referee of all people grabbed him.
As funny as it was, the lack of security in Baltimore left WWE's World Heavyweight Champion in legitimate danger for well over 30 seconds. Who knows, that guy could have had a knife or anything. Rollins was alone with both hands filled with title gold, it could have been a very messy situation indeed. These moments aren't rare in 2015, as a number of other high profile incidents have blighted both television and live events. In August, a plastic replica Money in the Bank briefcase was thrown into the ring during a live event in Victoria, British Columbia which smacked Roman Reigns in the back of the head. Reigns, thankfully, was only shaken up by the blow. Could you imagine if the fan in question had packed a couple of bricks in there? It could have been fatal. Security got to the fan and escorted him out of the arena before The Canadian Press (h/t CTV News) reported, "The 31-year-old male has been banned from any WWE wrestling shows in the future." The other high profile misdemeanour happened on SmackDown a couple of weeks ago when a fan sneaked up to Dean Ambrose, getting just inches away from him before security acted. TMZ claimed that the fan "was holding a sharp object which at least one fan says was a knife." WWE knows these fans are out there in numbers. They could have had a fatality on their hands at the performance center last week when an Orange County deputy sheriff shot a man outside the Center who was "fixated on a female wrestler." Shannon Butler from WFTV reported that a witnessed described the man as "crazy" after he allegedly showed up in a wrestling outfit, banged on windows and threatened to kick everyone's ass because they wouldn't hire him. One of the times he was swinging a large chain, and police had to subdue him at gunpoint. It's not been the best month-or-so for WWE's security - it certainly looks like they need more!
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