WWE Deletes New "Woke" NXT 2.0 Gimmick After Media Coverage

WWE's latest politically-charged gimmick has already been removed from official channels.

Joe Gacy

WWE has deleted a multitude of references to Joe Gacy's new "woke" character following media coverage of its debut.

Gacy's new persona was brought to life on this week's episode of NXT 2.0, as the former CZW World Heavyweight Champion spoke of microaggressions, male privilege, and other related topics, striving to make the ring his safe space. The 34-year-old then lost to Cameron Grimes in under three minutes but offered the victor a handshake afterwards.

Several outlets covered the situation, including the UK's Daily Mail, Fox News, and the New York Post, whose article was titled "WWE pokes fun at the woke left with new wrestler."


WWE has now moved to remove all signs of the segment on its website and social media channels. There is currently no word on whether or not this is linked to the media coverage, though it is unusual for a WWE character to receive this level of attention from non-wrestling outlets.

Gacy was presented as the heel opposite Grimes, who has played a babyface in recent months. He was lightly booed as he addressed the audience prior to the match.

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