WWE Demanded That THIS Newcomer Cut His Hair

John Laurinaitis "pretty much ordered" a WWE newbie to cut off his long hair.

Javier Bernal WWE

WWE "pretty much ordered" NXT newcomer Javier Bernal to cut his hair before debuting on 205 Live.

Bernal is set to make his in-ring bow vs. Draco Anthony on Friday's episode, but The Wrestling Observer reports that John Laurinaitis requested the newbie shear off his long locks before working his first match for the promotion.

According to Dave Meltzer, Laurinaitis spotted Bernal during some training drills - Johnny Ace then pulled him aside and told the wrestler that his barnet had to go. The Observer did, however, note that WWE gave Bernal the chance to say no.


That probably wouldn't have ended well for him though.

Bernal is a former hair model, for the record. It can't have been easy for him to say goodbye to his mop then, but the 205 Live debutant seemed upbeat about things when hyping the match on his official Instagram page. He said that "change has to happen for success stories to occur".


Meltzer didn't go into details on whether or not this hair-cutting edict came from the top. Vince McMahon has encouraged workers to tidy up their look before, so it's possible.

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