WWE Didn't Think Gallows & Anderson Were Aggressive Enough

Testicles. In. Jars.


Shivers still creep up the spines of fans whenever they think of that "Old Day" skit on the 5 September 2016 episode of Raw.

Nearly four years on from such horrific scenes, New Day man Big E spoke via his 'Feel The Power' podcast and dished out some behind the scenes news on how Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were initially perceived during the feud by WWE creative.

E said that Michael Hayes once approached him backstage to express concerns that Gallows and Anderson weren't "as aggressive as we want them to be". Big E kindly pointed out that Hayes and other writers were the ones who had given the tag-team crappy gimmicks like "Ringpostitis" and asked them to carry a jar of testicles (which were actually eggs) around.

That didn't matter to company figureheads. They wanted AJ Styles' pals to be more fiery during matches, and Hayes was worried they weren't coming across as badass counterparts to New Day. To his credit, E defended them by saying WWE were outright failing to help the duo come across as bad dudes.

Quite. Carting around b*llocks and dressing up as fake doctors was hardly going to make Gallows and Anderson the next coming of The Road Warriors.

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