WWE Divas Want Women's Title To Return

A new poll leading to WWE divas supporting the Women's Title.

Several WWE divas have been active on social media this weekend to make it clear that they want WWE to bring back the Women's Title. A poll is asking fans what former title the company should bring back and the Hardcore Title leads the way with 47%, the Women's Title has 29% followed by the Cruiserweight (13%), European (6%) and Million Dollar Title (5%). What's interesting is that some of the current divas like Divas Champion Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Bayley and Natalya have all been vocal about their desire to see the belt return. Sometimes polls mean nothing, but in this case it could be something initiated by the creative team to gauge what the WWE Universe is thinking. The other question is if WWE does bring back the Women's Title, will that mean the Divas Title goes away or would they keep both? The Women's Title looks better because it's not a silly butterfly looking title, the name sounds more prestigious and there's more history with it. The Divas Title was introduced in 2008 when WWE was doing the brand extension. Two years later, the brand extension ended and they merged the two titles together with WWE choosing to go with the Divas Title since that makes it unique for the company.
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