WWE Draft 2019 To Be Treated Like "Legitimate Sport Draft" - Report

Are WWE set to borrow AEW's "real sport feel" for the upcoming draft?

wwe draft

WWE are set to shake their Raw and SmackDown rosters up with a new talent draft kicking off on the 11 October episode of SD held in Las Vegas, Nevada, then concluding on the 14 October Raw in Denver, Colorado, with the company looking to solidify both shows as their FOX TV deal kicks in.

Other specifics on the 2019 Draft haven't been forthcoming so far, but the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter sheds light on how it will be presented.

Per Dave Meltzer's writeup, FOX and WWE will attempt to frame it like a "legitimate sports draft" a la other major professional American leagues, and hope that having it start on SmackDown will help the blue brand shed its long-held "B-show" image following the move to Friday nights. This presumably means plenty of coverage across FOX's various other channels and sports shows.

It sounds encouraging. While WWE have never touted a "real-sport feel" in the same way as AEW, previous reports have suggested FOX intend on having SmackDown take on that kind of presentation, so what better way than to start with a full-on NBA/NFL style talent draft?

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