WWE Draft 2020: 10 Trades That MUST Happen

Monday and Friday nights are in need of a serious shake up!


WWE has recently announced that the rosters will indeed be shaken up once more when the annual WWE Draft returns in under two weeks.

On 9 and 12 October, Raw and SmackDown will be able to draft a number of superstars to their brands in order to revamp their shows. We see this occur every year these days, as WWE continually pushes the 'Brand Warfare' shtick that grew tired quite a while ago. Who wants to see a bunch of actors pretend to be TV network executives celebrate over their first-round draft pick of Natalya?

As corny as the affair may be, it is always interesting to see which stars make the switch as its a chance to see which superstars will get a renewed push in the following months in their new environment, taking on opponents that they previously couldn't. It certainly gets the fantasy booker within each wrestling fan's mind working overdrive, trying to create new scenarios in which their favourite stars could be utilised better on a different brand.

This year there are a number of stars though that find themselves in desperate need of a trade. Some have become stale in their current surroundings and others have just been downright static for a while now. Hopefully this upcoming draft is able to find some of these unlucky soles new homes and a new purpose...


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