WWE Elimination Chamber 2017: Every Match Ranked From Worst To Best

One hell of a main event.

bray wyatt wwe champ

The period between the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania is always a bit of an awkward one, where WWE often struggles to provide a compelling lead-in to the 'Grandaddy of 'Em All'.

This year's build is looking to be one of the weirdest in recent memory, even if fans are heavily divided on exactly what it will mean for the company's flagship PPV.

Elimination Chamber was a thoroughly mediocre show for the most part, dreadfully dull for far too long before finally switching into high gear for a thrilling main event. It was a pure SmackDown filler PPV more often than not, and while it did provide a tantalising tease of what to expect at WrestleMania, it also spun its wheels for far too long during the undercard bouts.

Still, there were a number of crowd-pleasing moments that elevated the show beyond being a total also-ran, with two title changes that did nothing if not get the WWE Universe talking. How WWE follows up on it is what really matters, though.

Here is every Elimination Chamber 2017 match ranked from worst to best...

8. Apollo Crews & Kalisto Vs. Dolph Ziggler

bray wyatt wwe champ

Result: Apollo destroys Dolph with a Spin-Out Powerbomb (7:23).

Rating: It's incredibly weird from a booking perspective to have two faces fighting a heel, so it's good that Dolph killed Kalisto before the match even began.

Still, this was a boring fight with never-ending rest holds and an absolutely comatose crowd who couldn't care any less; it didn't help the talent or how the match played at home.

At least Kalisto added some speed and energy late in the game when he returned, but he forgot to sell his injury properly which only made the match seem that much more inane.

Ultimately the drama before and after the match was a lot more interesting than what went on during it. "Thank you Ziggler" chants after he killed Crews were effing hilarious, though, and proved how much of a booking misfire this match was. 4/10


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