WWE Elimination Chamber 2019: 10 Things It Got Right

'Stone Cold' Becky Lynch.

Daniel Bryan Erick Rowan

There was no Luke Harper or Bray Wyatt comeback to spoil Daniel Bryan's WWE Title celebrations and give everyone a hint at what may happen come WrestleMania 35, but the parting shot of Elimination Chamber was a winner. Kofi Kingston looked great, Bryan retained and WWE move on.

Was the Chamber ever likely to win 'Best PPV 2K19'? No, it wasn't; that was the case beforehand and it's true even now the event is in the history books. For what it was though, the show was fun, and it is able to claim some longevity by virtue of the fact it created WWE history. That, along with two other title changes, made it a worthwhile watch.

It's certainly a more worthy speed bump than Fastlane will be. As Paul Heyman might say, that's "not a prediction, it's a spoiler". Lord only knows how WWE will make that pay-per-view essential. For now, they can look back on a job well done with a night that had glorified house show written all over it going in.

Here's everything the company got right on Sunday night...


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