WWE Elimination Chamber 2019: 10 Things We Learned

There's money in an unlikely title upset post-WrestleMania, baaaaaabyyyyyy...

Bayley Sasha Banks

If someone had told you at the end of Elimination Chamber 2018 that Daniel Bryan would be WWE Champ, there'd be some Women's Tag Titles, Roman Reigns would be off TV and comedy man Kofi Kingston would be over as a legit contender by the following Feb, you'd probably have laughed.

Well, laugh on, because it's reality.

One of the major lessons learned at this year's Chamber show is that it has stature compared to some of WWE's other themed pay-per-views. Perhaps that has more to do with the fact WrestleMania is on the horizon than anything else, but it's true. For what it's worth, that gigantic cage and all its tropes bridge the gap between Royal Rumble and 'Mania with ease.

On Sunday, WWE produced a card full of title changes, plot twists, potential shocks and crowd-pleasing moments. In the process, they also set the table for the rest of 2019 after 'Mania 35 is over with. Here's everything we learned from the weekend's festivities, and what they might mean in the coming months for Raw and SmackDown's biggest stories...


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