WWE Elimination Chamber 2021: Sheamus To Enter WWE Title Match Last

Sheamus scored himself a big kayfabe advantage for Elimination Chamber 2021 on last night's WWE Raw.

Sheamus Raw

Last night's WWE Raw saw Sheamus theoretically score himself a big kayfabe advantage in this weekend's WWE Title Elimination Chamber match, triumphing in a gauntlet match to determine which competitor would enter the bout last.

Drew McIntyre puts up his WWE Championship on the line against Sheamus, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Randy Orton, and Kofi Kingston at Elimination Chamber 2021 this Sunday. All six competed in the gauntlet last night, with McIntyre making it to the final stage, beating Styles, Hardy, and Orton to get there. Sheamus, however, was a bridge too far, as 'The Celtic Warrior' beat a tired Drew clean, taking advantage of his fatigued state to dodge a Claymore and land the Brogue Kick.

A gloating promo saw Sheamus close the show, as he declared himself the hot favourite to leave Elimination Chamber 2021 with the gold.


Sheamus recently turned heel on his former friend, McIntyre, to let his WWE Title ambitions known. He has not held a top WWE title since late 2015, when he took the WWE Title from Roman Reigns at Survivor Series, dropping it back to him on a red-hot episode of Raw just over three weeks later.

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