WWE Evolution: Former Star To Make Appearance

Ex-Women's Champ will be in New York.

Beth Phoenix Evolution

Three-time WWE Women's Champion and Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix has confirmed that she will be appearing at WWE's upcoming all-women PPV Evolution this October.

In the days since the show was announced, Phoenix's fans flocked to Twitter expressing hopes that the 'Glamazon' would make a comeback at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum this autumn. Whilst confessing she was "flattered" by the fresh interest, the 37-year old confirmed she'd be on hand in Uniondale, gushing that she "wouldn't miss it for the world.":


Another fan asked Phoenix: what capacity are you going to be at the show? She said she didn't know, followed by a cheeky #ManyHats hashtag. More than likely she'll be scheduled to wrestle - hopefully alongside or against former tag-team partner Natalya - but could be asked to assume announcing duties - much as she did for the Mixed Match Challenge earlier this year.

After six hugely successful years on WWE's main roster, during which time she claimed three Women's Championships and one Divas Championships, Phoenix left the company in 2012 for family reasons. Emerging at a time when in-ring quality amongst WWE's female competitors was lower than Harvey Fierstein's voice, the New York native did her level best to raise standards - even when many of her colleagues couldn't keep up. An appearance at a show celebrating the division's rise from the doldrums is only fitting.


Phoenix made a cameo appearance during the women's Royal Rumble this January, where she came face to face with her former buddy Natalya. Written in the stars, innit.

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