WWE Exclusive Report: Joey Mercury Missing?

WWE producer currently AWOL.

Rumours are currently swirling around the locker rooms of both WWE and NXT regarding the whereabouts of former wrestler and current company official Joey Mercury. Questions began to arise when Mercury was absent for NXT€™s mid-December TV tapings, an unusual occurrence that left NXT trainers and wrestlers alike wondering where he was. Mercury was otherwise always present at the tapings and no explanation for his absence had been given. When Mercury then missed WWE€™s traditional late-December tour of the east coast, including a card at WWE€™s Mecca, Madison Square Garden, suspicions that Mercury was in hot water with the company became a topic of hushed conversation amongst the boys. While nobody knew (or knows) where he was, some speculated that Mercury had been secretly suspended by WWE. Others suggested that Mercury €“ who spent a six month spell in rehab in 2006 €“ could have fallen off the wagon and had been sent on what the boys refer to as €œa vacation€. A further theory was that Mercury had been granted a leave of absence to deal with a difficult divorce. Of course, all of the theories are purely speculative at this point as WWE have not provided any official confirmation. Not that they would need to; Mercury is not a wrestler, as per the terms of his contract, he is a behind the scenes staffer and different rules apply. However, if Mercury was once again battling his personal demons it would be a blow to Paul Levesque (Triple H), one of his most ardent supporters. Following the PR disaster of the Bill DeMott situation last year, having another of Levesque€™s hand-picked entourage causing headaches would not reflect well on him and his ability to surround himself with reliable members of staff.
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