WWE Extreme Moments Quiz

Can you answer these ten questions regarding WWE's most extreme moments ever?

Shane McMahon Fire

Good God Almighty! Good God Almighty! They’ve killed him!! As God as my witness… you know how this goes.

Over the decades, WWE has had no shortage of moments that made the audience gasp. From crazy jumps off ladders, to insane table bumps, to people being literally murdered on our television screens, there is nothing Vince has shied away from.

While many of these moments have raised questions regarding the health and safety of the performers, most are remembered as some of the most iconic moments in the company’s history. Such was the madness surrounding these spots, the crowd couldn’t help but chant holy you-know-what.

And so they should. At the end of the day, anything wrestlers do, including these mad spots, they do it for us, the fans. It’s all about giving us something we never forget.

With that being said, how well do we remember them? While Edge’s Super Spear and Undertaker throwing Mankind off the top of Hell in a Cell are played over and over again in various highlight reels, others don’t quite get the same kind of mention.

So it’s time to put on that wrestling thinking cap and try your luck, in the WWE Extreme Moments quiz.

1. What Was The Most Number Of Tables A WWE Wrestler Has Gone Through At Once And Who Was The Wrestler?


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