WWE Extreme Rules 2019: 10 Results Predictions

Is that a gun in your pocket are you just excited to see Ricochet vs. AJ Styles?


After our little ramble to the tediously muddy Stomping Grounds last month, we're back on familiar territory with WWE in July, with the return of everybody's favourite misadvertised show, Extreme Rules.

As ever, the 'extreme' part of the nomenclature is largely irrelevant, but for once, 'rules' might mean something. Admittedly, the Universal/Raw Women's title game of tig is not up to much snuff, but then the former belt almost never is. The rest of the card, however, is if not mouth-watering, at least laced with intrigue.

In the European clash between Cesaro and Aleister Black, Kofi Kingston's WWE title defence against Samoa Joe and the trouser-raising meeting of Ricochet and AJ Styles, we have three sizable contenders for match of the night; the latter has a bloody good chance of being the company's best bout of the year.

Elsewhere, The Revival and The Usos could likewise do special things if given time, and The Undertaker's attempt to restore his legacy after last month's desert strike promises to be interesting, if not necessarily good.

If you can look past the unholy alliance of Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans, Extreme Rules could prove WWE's most surprising show of 2019. And then from this week, everything resets...

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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