WWE Extreme Rules 2019: Every Match Ranked From Worst To Best

Another surprisingly solid show.

WWE Extreme Rules 2019 The Undertaker Drew McIntyre.jpg

As much as the general WWE product might be in the toilet right now, their recent monthly PPV offerings have actually been bafflingly decent for the most part, with this year's Extreme Rules proving no exception.

Now, there was no reason for the show to have a WCW-baiting 13 matches, and the four-hour main show runtime was as exhausting as ever, but at least there was only a single dud match to be found, and it had the courtesy of lasting less than 20 seconds.

Extreme Rules was for the most part a consistently entertaining show, and while several matches certainly outstayed their welcome or fell slightly short of expectations, the wrestling was largely at least decent if not very good or even great.

Quite what it means for the future picture or the road to SummerSlam isn't quite clear yet, but it's at least encouraging to see WWE putting on shows that, despite their indulgences, don't feel like a cynical waste of time.

But seriously, eight matches over three hours is more than enough for most fans...


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