WWE Extreme Rules 2022: Every Match Ranked From Worst To Best

WWE brings the extreme back to Extreme Rules.

WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Edge Finn Balor

WWE's Extreme Rules events have been pretty consistently underwhelming in recent years as a result of the company's family-friendly "PG Era," yet this year's show at least maintained a consistent focus on brutal physicality.

Was it an all-timer Extreme Rules show? Absolutely not, yet the most anticipated matches largely delivered on their promises, and even the weaker bouts never let the lows get too low.

Ultimately Extreme Rules 2022 is likely to be remembered for one thing above all else, and that's Bray Wyatt's surprise return at the end, but it built a solid show out of something that looked pretty low-key on paper.

With just six matches and a lack of major title bouts, it was never going to be the most memorable event of the year, but nevertheless continued WWE's run of rock solid shows in the post-Vince regime.

If nothing else, it's laid some compelling groundwork for the weeks and months to come, while bringing a little of the "extreme" back to an event that's felt increasingly tepid and defanged as of late.

Not a classic PPV by any means, but it delivered above the basic goods...

6. Strap Match: Drew McIntyre Vs. Karrion Kross

WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Edge Finn Balor

Result: With a pepper spray assist from Scarlett, Kross puts Drew away with the Kross Hammer (10:20).

Rating: Even the best strap matches are inherently pretty awkward due to the unavoidable mobility limitations of the gimmick, and this wasn't one of the better ones we've ever seen.

It didn't help that the crowd was stone cold dead for this one: as great as Drew is, he couldn't do much to get fans invested.

Beyond some hard strap hits, the gimmick didn't really add much to the match either: they didn't do anything remotely creative with it.

At least it was relatively short, even if it didn't offer much of a persuasive victory for Kross, and it's a bit sad to see McIntyre demoted to matches like this. As a result, it served neither man particularly well. 5/10


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