WWE Extreme Rules: 8 Last-Minute Rumours You Need To Know

8. Undertaker Turns On Reigns

Undertaker Roman Reigns
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Now I know I previously said that this makes sense but, also, it actually doesn't.

The Undertaker got into something of a blood feud with Roman Reigns after he dumped him out of the 2017 Royal Rumble, which culminated in them main-eventing WrestleMania and The Dead Man officially, 100%, definitely this time, no takesie-backsies, retiring in his defeat. Reigns, in the ultimate act of disrespect, then soaked up 8 entire minutes of visceral booing before stealing his catchphrase and dropping the mic.

2 years later they're friends now.

Now, just put aside the water tight writing for a second and the fact they've released the single best piece of WWE-think merch we've seen in years, and make the short leap to the idea that we're getting a rematch of that at SummerSlam. With the idea they're taking Shane off TV, and the holes being poked in the "Taker Wants To Work Drew" story, Big Dog/Deadman II starts to make sense.

With the decrepit, rank smell of his Goldberg nightmare still fresh in his nostrils, Taker might also just want a do-over on what was supposed to be the last night of his career. Convoluted build-up of not, God knows it would be a more fitting end to his career than what we've been getting in Saudi Arabia.

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