WWE Extreme Rules - Evolution Vs The Shield Match Official

Triple H has announced Evolution will take on The Shield at Extreme Rules, making the match official during the opening segment of this week's Smackdown taping. Hunter went on to talk about Evolution reforming on Raw, touting the group as WWE's most successful faction ever. The news of the Shield vs Evolution becoming a main event for Extreme Rules was expected, this was internally a long term plan going back before WrestleMania 30. What was under question was if Daniel Bryan would be added to the match, with the conclusion to the April 7th Raw hinting he could be included along with Kane to make the clash a four vs four. Triple H's announcement on Smackdown seems to rule this possibility out, although the scope remains for the addition of Bryan if WWE did want to go down that route. What is more likely is that Bryan ends up getting used in a title defence against Kane. When Stephanie McMahon provoked the Big Red Machine into taking his mask back this past week, it was meant to establish him as the new number one contender. This was weak booking. Kane is going to go against the hottest star in the company in what will be the most predictable main event ever. It's hardly the best start for Daniel Bryan as WWE Champion, a great face needs great heels to work with, Kane is a good talent but he is hardly the marquee name to put interest on Bryan's title defence. Worryingly, Kane was one of the first title opponents for Chris Benoit's underdog champion character back in 2004, a feud which quickly hurt perception in Benoit's role as a main eventer. The real main event of Extreme Rules is going to end up being what Triple H announced on Smackdown: Evolution vs The Shield.
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