WWE Faction Loses ANOTHER Member On SmackDown

SmackDown saw THIS wrestler flee a WWE faction despite being one of its original members.

Bayley Dakota Kai

It looks like Dakota Kai has followed Bayley out the Damage CTRL exit doors - she stepped in to defend her old leader from an attack by fellow members IYO SKY, Asuka and Kairi Sane on this week's SmackDown.

The segment started with Bayley passionately defending her decision to leave the group. That prompted Kai to come out and explain that she had nothing to do with CTRL first marginalising Bayley's erm...control, then unceremoniously booting her out of the stable.


Bayley didn't buy it at first, but Dakota was true to her words about having love for the freshly-turned babyface once IYO, Asuka and Kairi hit the scene. Kai fought the rest of Damage CTRL off with a steel chair, then stood by Bayley's side as the heels fled.

Many fans online already seem to agree that Bayley getting some backup in this fight against the faction she started is a smart move. Kai had always been the most sympathetic towards her anyway, and now WWE can book a string of tag matches to keep things ticking until Bayley vs. IYO happens at WrestleMania 40.

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