WWE Faction Set To Reunite For A THIRD Run?

A top WWE Raw star just dropped some heavy hints that a reunion will happen someday.

The Hurt Business

Bobby Lashley just dropped some hints that The Hurt Business could be set for a reunion on WWE TV sometime soon.

The reigning United States Champ told Ryan Satin's 'Out Of Character' podcast that he's ready to pitch a fresh storyline to WWE that'd turn MVP babyface. According to Lashley, it'd be cool if Porter's influence made current client Omos "too dangerous".

Then, unable to "contain" the monster any longer, MVP would turn to Bobby and ask for his help. That, eventually, would lead to both Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander rallying around their old stablemates to help stop Omos from wrecking shop.



WWE did try a Hurt Business reunion in 2021, but it was a flop. Creatively, Vince McMahon just didn't seem interested in the idea - he obviously agreed to try it, but both Shelton and Cedric were treated like complete afterthoughts before yet another split.


Could one more reunion be on the cards for THB? Lashley is talking about it publicly, and he thinks fans would love to see a babyface run for the quartet. Basically, this is one to keep an eye on.


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