WWE Fastlane 2016: Every Match Ranked From Worst To Best

The worst PPV since December to Dismember?

Fastlane brings us ever closer to the Grandaddy of Them All, but right now, it seems like many fans are more committed to getting #CancelWWENetwork trending on Twitter rather than riding the hype train to WrestleMania. The build to WrestleMania has been extremely weak so far, and sadly Fastlane did it no favours, serving up arguably the worst WWE PPV in at least a year if not beyond that, full of questionable booking decisions and mediocre wrestling. While a few matches rose to the top, on the whole it was a depressing show to watch, a reminder of how tone-deaf creative can be, and how under-served the talent can end up as a result. Whether you're going to cancel your WWE Network subscription or not, here are WWE Fastlane 2016's matches ranked from worst to best...

8. R-Truth vs. Curtis Axel

Result: Axel rolls up Truth effortlessly to score the win (2:23). Rating: Because the wildly underwhelming New Day and Edge and Christian segment wasn't filler enough, we got this ridiculously unnecessary padding match that nobody was even remotely interested in. Yes, there's a tons of interference from the Social Outcasts, and Goldust then shows up to help out Truth, but it adds little excitement to a match that belongs on WWE Main Event, not the penultimate match on the final PPV ahead of WrestleMania. It was a waste of time, and pretty much a waste of facepaint too, considering how little Goldust actually got to do. At least the match mercifully lasted barely more than two minutes, a relief if also underlining its own pointlessness at the same time. And the WWE wants to make Fastlane an important show? Hah! 2/10

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