WWE Fastlane 2019: 9 Results Predictions

It's all scripted... but how?

Fastlane Results Predics

We really are in the outer lane on the (sigh) 'Road to WrestleMania', as just three weeks on from Elimination Chamber, we're already cruising along WWE's intercalary, interstate themed event prior to the Big Oneā„¢.

And just for a change, we're actually enjoying the ride rather than drearily counting cows before the Brooklyn off-ramp. Going completely against the annual drudgery of WWE's pre-'Mania, road-based filler, this year's Fastblock is gridlocked with rubber-necking intrigue from top to bottom.

Even the pre-show offering promises to be entertaining - assuming it's not cut-off by an aggressive advert, anyway.

Like Rey and Andrade's undersold opener, Sunday's show features a number of matches whose conclusions seem fairly obvious, but whose methods will ultimately shape the show of shows. The two major SmackDown titles on offer are surely staying put - but will it be straightforward? And what will be the implications for WrestleMania?

At least part of that will be revealed in Ohio.

And then there's the standout main event. Ronda Rousey might have dismissed the whole affair as scripted this week, but it's a script - and by extension, her meta-script - which has the whole wrestling world talking.

It might not matter, but we're all aching to know how that triple threat will be formed out of Fastlane.

9. New Day Make Up For Pancake Day

Fastlane Results Predics

WWE missed a golden opportunity to have The New Day fling their flat batter around the place this past week, criminally having them toss about in Mumbai rather than toss pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, but they'll make up for it with an easy win on Sunday.

It makes no real sense to stick Rusev and Nakamura together only to have them lose, yet the Bulgarian's curse is seemingly incurable. Idiotically, this column broke with tradition at the Royal Rumble in suggesting Rusev could actually win a PPV match, and boy did it leave us looking like mugs. We won't make that mistake twice.

Prediction: The New Day keep Kofi relevant with a huge pre-show victory.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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