WWE Finally Gave THIS Star Her Old Gimmick Back

This WWE star finally settled back into a groove on last night's SmackDown.

Shotzi Tank 2022

Shotzi has her tank back.

The WWE star, who recently turned babyface to form one of those oh-so-beloved thrown-together female tag-teams with Raquel Rodriguez, brought the gimmick back to screens on Friday's episode of SmackDown. It got a decent pop from the live crowd, in fairness.

Shotzi then lost a one-on-one match to Damage CTRL leader Bayley, but there's a bright side - this was the best Shotzi has looked in-ring since moving from NXT to WWE's main roster. She can also, at least, look forward to better days now that old NXT boss Triple H is calling the shots in the company.


Most fans still agree that the babyface turn needed a touch more context though. Shotzi just sprinted out to help Raquel fend off some heels, then started badmouthing Damage CTRL in promos. WWE put hardly any effort into making the turn logical.

It just sort of happened for the sake of it.


Regardless, old NXT fans will be pleased to see the tank back as part of Shotzi's entrance. It does give her an eye-catching intro for matches, and suits the babyface role well.

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