WWE FORGOT About Triple H & The Undertaker Before WrestleMania X-Seven

"Somebody isn’t paying attention!"

The Undertaker Triple H WrestleMania X-Seven

Jim Ross admitted on the latest episode of his 'Grilling JR' podcast that WWE forgot about Triple H and The Undertaker during the build towards WrestleMania X-Seven in 2001.

When Ross sat down with Vince McMahon to run through members of the roster who weren't booked on the biggest card of the year, he and the boss were stunned to learn that two of their most major stars didn't have anything to do in Houston.

McMahon rectified this immediately by booking a "cold as ice" match between them at 'Mania. It was the only thing for it - there was no time to drum up new scenarios for each, and the card was already pretty stacked. In other words, the bloody Repo Man had a match at WrestleMania before Triple H or The Undertaker.


WhatCulture's own Simon Miller would be proud.

JR put blame squarely at the feet of WWE's creative team. He said someone wasn't "f*cking paying attention" before the most important night of the year, and that left two trusted lieutenants struggling to make their match worthwhile.


They managed just fine in the end though.

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