WWE Freaked Out About This Ex-Female Star's Hair Colour

WWE told one former women's star that blonde hair and pink attire was a must.

Lana WWE

Lana received a phone call from Vince McMahon after dying her hair blue for a house show several years back.

The former WWE star was also approached by Michael Hayes backstage during the event itself - Hayes, who was working as an agent on the card, asked Lana one thing: "What are you doing?". He then muttered, "No, no, no, no" and walked away when she said that the blue tint matched her outfit for the evening.

Lana told this story during a virtual signing with East Coast Autographs. She then detailed the call from Vince, and added that WWE told her never to wear gold or move away from the blonde-haired look. Lana was also told to wear pink as much as possible and not to sport "little boy cut shorts" that she'd had made.


For the record, that description of the shorts was Lana's, not WWE's.

WWE chiefs weren't fond of Lana going light brown with her hair a few years ago either. They expressly stated that she must remain blonde, and that she should wear a ponytail on TV.


She admitted that the blue hair stunt was born out of boredom anyway.

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