WWE Going Head-To-Head With AEW Rampage Again Next Week

Another week of WWE competition on FS1 looms for AEW...

Rampage Talking Smack

AEW Rampage faced direct WWE SmackDown competition for the first time this past week, as Vince McMahon's promotion "supersized" its Friday flagship by an extra 30 minutes for its temporary preemption from FOX to FS1.

Now, Rampage will go head-to-head with another WWE show on Friday 29 October.

WWE has announced that its Talking Smack chat show will air on FS1 at 10 PM ET that night. This means Rampage will be airing at the same time for the full hour, with FS1 also set to air a full-on SmackDown repeat at 11 PM ET.


This isn't the first time that WWE has put an episode of Talking Smack on television rather than the Network/Peacock, having done so following another World Series-related preemption in 2020. The show typically goes out on Saturday mornings rather than Friday evenings.

SmackDown's 8-10 PM ET timeslot should remain intact this week. The promotion hadn't announced another "supersized" episode at the time of writing, though the broadcast will once again take place on FS1 rather than FOX, owing to MLB coverage.


Final television ratings for last night's Rampage vs. SmackDown head-to-head battle should be available later today.

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