WWE Greatest Royal Rumble: How Every Elimination Happened

Strowman's Land!

Braun Strowman Greatest Royal Rumble

The biggest ever edition of the Royal Rumble will forever be remembered for a man profoundly failing to get in to the match rather than any particularly explosive elimination of another.

Titus O'Neil's stumble at the very edge of the ramp sent him cascading under the ring skirt, much to the p*ss funny hilarity of the commentary team, every watching fan and evidently Vince McMahon himself. There was a luxurious glory to the endless replays - it's hard to imagine that 'falling over' won't immediately be the new direction afforded to the leader of 'Titus Worldwide' when he makes it home from a rather unfortunate Saudi Arabian trip. He can at least consider himself lucky the company couldn't be a*sed paying to fly over the LED ring décor. Better ducking your head under some tarp than concussing it on the company's precious metal.

Still, exits - not entrances - are supposed to be the focus of Royal Rumbles, and this one naturally had the most ever. Hall-Of-Famers, NXT starlets, returning surprises and even arguably the most random entrant in WWE history all hit the deck in their quest for glory. Well, a garish trophy/belt combo anyway. 49 bodies all fell in the end, and Titus can at least claim to be the only person in Rumble history to do it twice.


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