WWE Hall Of Famer Bashes Braun Strowman For Recent Comments

This WWE legend thinks Braun Strowman should've just kept his mouth shut.

Booker T
YouTube/Reality Of Wrestling

Booker T thinks it was a mistake for Braun Strowman to talk about "flippy" workers after his match vs. Omos at WWE's Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia.

The Hall Of Famer told listeners on his podcast that Braun's comments were always going to "stir up a hornet's nest" for no real reason. Book gets it, because he's said things in the past that seemed silly or unnecessary, but the legend thinks Strowman should be wary of getting backstage heat.

That's something Braun doesn't want, or shouldn't want.


Booker noted that there's a clear difference between coming back through the curtain and shouting "follow that" compared to what Strowman did. He went on the offensive and attacked an entire style of wrestling, which Book thinks is a real no-no even when it happens in the heat of the moment.

The former World Champ does think Braun has every right to be proud of his efforts with Omos in Saudi though - he thought the match was better than anybody reasonably expected it would be going in. Book just doesn't like what Strowman had to say afterwards.


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