WWE Hall Of Famer Criticises Tag-Team Title Unification Idea

This company legend isn't a fan of WWE unifying Raw and SmackDown's tag belts.

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WWE legend Booker T has publicly criticised the company's decision to unify both its Raw and SmackDown Tag-Team Titles.

Book told fans tuning into his 'Hall Of Fame' podcast that he liked the separation between both sets of belts across WWE's major brands. Explaining, the former 11-time WCW Tag and three-time WWE World Tag-Team Champ said it'll take a bigger toll on The Usos physically because they'll be expected to work more.

"They’re going to have to defend those championships on the house shows, European tours, Monday night, Friday night...and that puts those guys in a position where they've got to work all week long", the icon added.


Booker is mindful of the toll working so much could have on Jimmy and Jey - of course, WWE probably won't expect The Usos to work on Raw and SmackDown every single week, or wrestle every single live event going either, but Book is concerned by the lack of time off generally.

He closed his rant by saying, "I’m going to tell you that right now. They’re going to have about one day at home to prepare and one day to get ready to get back on the road".

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