WWE Hall Of Famer Recalls 'Asking Permission' To Work With Fellow Legend

Vince McMahon told one future HOF'er to ask another WWE icon for permission.

Jake Roberts The Ultimate Warrior

Jake Roberts has opened up about interesting conversations he had with both Vince McMahon and The Ultimate Warrior back in the early-1990s.

The 'Snake' told DDP, on the pair's 'Snake Pit' podcast, that he was left "a little p*ssed" when McMahon looked him in the eye backstage and said: "You gotta go to [Warrior's] dressing room, talk to him and see if he’ll work with you. You have to ask his permission to work with you".

Roberts couldn't believe it, but adhered to Vince's wishes by going to seek out Warrior. He knocked on his peer's dressing room door, then stood in awe as Warrior cut a promo on Jake about being on time and that he "better not flunk no drug test".


Ending the chat, Warrior said: "OK, get out".

Feeling totally disrespected and "dismissed", Roberts told Page that he was "so fu*king angry at the way he treated me". He'd only end up working some vignettes with Warrior anyway; McMahon fired Warrior after he teamed with Hulk Hogan at SummerSlam 1991, and a planned match between both guys wouldn't happen.


Maybe Roberts dodged a bullet there.

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