WWE Hall Of Famer Says "There's No Money In Wrestling"

This WWE legend believes people want to "be entertained" more than watch technical wrestling.

Brian Road Dogg James

WWE Hall Of Famer Road Dogg/Brian James has told WrestleZone that there's next-to-no money in pure technical wrestling.

The former DX man put over the skills of stars worldwide for putting on "great wrestling", but argued that "people wanna be entertained" more than watch holds or scientific exhibitions. Doubling down, Dogg then referenced Tony Khan's recent purchase of ROH.

He said that wouldn't have happened had fans been truly invested in an in-ring centric product; "You gotta give them some glitz and glamour - you gotta give them a little carny".


James continued by saying that "emotional investment" in characters is what the industry is all about, and it's how the top companies make their money. As for wins and losses, Dogg doesn't think they matter at all. He's more concerned about how characters resonate with the audience and how big a connection they can forge.

The bigger the connection, the more money will be made.


Of course, that sounds so simple in theory. Both WWE and AEW have had a tough time connecting key characters (especially babyfaces) to the casual audience in recent times though.

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