WWE Hall Of Famer Says He'd "Kill" And "Destroy" Ric Flair In-Ring

A WWE Hall Of Famer still has beef with Ric Flair and wants to see him "beat up".

Scott Steiner
Impact Wrestling

WWE Hall Of Famer Scott Steiner has reacted negatively to suggestions that he'd step into the ring for Ric Flair's final match at the upcoming Starrcast V convention this July.

Steiner told Highspots that he'd "kill" and "destroy" Flair if he wrestled him again - the pair haven't seen eye-to-eye for many years. Scott infamously called Ric a "jealous old bastard" on a fiery episode of WCW's Monday Nitro way back in the year 2000, for example.

Old wounds haven't healed since.


Scott went on to shut down jokes that he and Flair could be friendly. "He ain't no friend of mine", the recent WWE Hall Of Fame inductee said. After that, Steiner again said, "I would destroy him" and that "everybody wants to see [Flair] get beat up".

Ric will reportedly team with AEW's FTR at Starrcast. That trio is set to face The Rock N' Roll Express and a mystery partner on the card. Both Ricky Steamboat and Hulk Hogan had been linked with the gig, but it won't be either of those names.


Scott Steiner is a definite no no himself. That could end badly if it was booked.

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