WWE Has Held Talks With Jeff Cobb

Could one of the hottest free agents in the business end up in The E?


With WWE always on the lookout for potential new talent, now comes word that the company has been in talks with Jeff Cobb.

From Fightful Select, WWE has reportedly had contact with former ROH Television Champion Cobb about signing with the company. But not just WWE, for Fightful claims that several different promotions have reached out to try and bring Cobb to their organisation.

Right now, Jeff Cobb is one of the hottest free agents in the wrestling industry. The 38-year-old powerhouse has long been on the radar of many wrestling fans, and most expected Cobb to end up signing with AEW after appearing a couple of times for All Elite this past February as part of the Chris Jericho vs. Jon Moxley rivalry.


While Cobb ultimately didn’t end up signing with AEW, it’s believed that pretty much any promotion of note is interested in the Hawaiian bar IMPACT Wrestling.

Up next for Cobb is a hard-hitting battle against KENTA later this week in the main event of NJPW Strong – which is a bout that also serves as the semi-final of the New Japan Cup USA.

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