WWE Headliners Coming To NXT 2.0?!

Major tease on possible NXT 2.0 storyline involving top SmackDown stars.

The Usos Undisputed

Could The Usos be coming to NXT 2.0?!

The prospect was certainly made more plausible following a tweet from the duo in response to Grayson Waller's comments about The Bloodline and relative Solo Sikoa on last week's episode.

Waller is currently feuding with Sikoa as the pair aim to rise up the ranks on the developmental show. Sikoa has laid claim to the North American Championship currently held by Carmelo Hayes, but found himself temporarily embroiled in a mini-feud with the mouthy heel. Waller showed little respect for Sikoa's familial roots and explained how he wasn't remotely worried about The Bloodline.


Quote-tweeting a clip of the promo, The Usos put that hubris to the test, suggesting that he "Keep that same energy when we pull up uce..."

Waller, to his credit, stared the challenge down in response:

There was always a good chance of The Usos joining up with their younger brother, but many predicted it'd be Sikoa making the jump from Tuesdays to Fridays first. The prospect of the Unified Tag Team Champions landing on NXT doesn't proffer an immediately obvious encounter with Waller et al, but they'd probably elevate a television special with a certain main roster glow.

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