WWE Hell In A Cell 2019: 38 Things You Probably Missed

Rebellious fans, buckets of blood, nonsensical bumps and sentient steel cages...

Seth Rollins Bray Wyatt Hell In A Cell

It's taken turning the thing into an annual slog, painting it red and two back-to-back main event non-finishes to do it, but WWE has slowly destroyed Hell In A Cell's once-impenetrable armour. Sunday's finish, which saw Seth Rollins sledgehammering a toolbox, ladder and steel chair on top of Bray Wyatt, may well be the final straw for many fans who believed the Cell gimmick was on life support anyway.

Perhaps the biggest thing everyone collectively missed was just what the f*ck WWE were thinking here.

After painting themselves into a corner by booking Bray Wyatt in a title match he didn't need to be in, they went one step further down Crap Avenue and penned a conclusion so unsatisfying it made HIAC 2018 look like 'Taker vs. Mankind by comparison. Right, rant over. On with the article and all those little hidden gems.

Hell In A Cell 2019, if nothing else, had a hot opener and a main event people wanted to see. The shameful thing is that WWE showed so little interest in the pay-per-view's build that most probably skipped it and therefore missed the chance to spot all 38 of the things on this list.

Here they are, red lighting, midcard filler and all...


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