WWE Hell In A Cell 2022: Every Match Ranked From Worst To Best

Another low-hype show that easily surpassed expectations.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2022 Cody Rhodes Seth Rollins

WWE again continues their trend of over-delivering on hype-devoid events with mediocre builds, as this year's Hell in a Cell PPV turned in a rock solid night of wrestling.

While certainly not one for the books, and admittedly packed with a number of TV-adjacent match-ups, there were a number of thoroughly entertaining bouts and, crucially, not a single outright dud to be found.

Even as gimmick-themed events continue to be a bit of an oddity in WWE - only one Hell in a Cell match on the card, really? - the minute-to-minute wrestling was thrilling, no matter that it didn't move the needle much story-wise.

For a show lacking so many marquee superstars, you barely felt that absence thanks to the committed performances from the working roster and shocking lack of frustrating finishes - the latter basically a miracle for a WWE show at this point.

You might not remember a ton of these matches months (or even weeks) from now, but while it was unfolding it was a fun night of action which, for a show that failed to garner much fan interest, is certainly more than enough...

7. Handicap Match: Bobby Lashley Vs. Omos & MVP

WWE Hell in a Cell 2022 Cody Rhodes Seth Rollins

Result: Lashley scores the win after MVP taps out to the Hurt Lock (8:25).

Rating: Following that incredible opener was never going to do this match any favours, but the crowd was certainly over hard for Lashley at least, which lent it more energy than you might have reasonably expected.

For a match few had many hopes for it wasn't bad by any means: messy in spots for sure, but an acceptable if not particularly memorable bout that benefited considerably from the surprisingly hot crowd.

Lashley got the deserved win while MVP's involvement prevented Omos from losing face, so everything worked out as it should have.

It got in and got out without being excessively boring or irritating, which is basically as much as anyone could want from a glorified Raw match like this.

If WWE look at this and don't consider Lashley one of their most over, surely title-bound talents, they're somehow even dumber than we think. 5/10


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