WWE Hires Former Impact Interviewer And Bleacher Report Host

McKenzie Mitchell and Matt Camp become WWE's latest signees.

McKenzie Mitchell
Impact Wrestling

While WWE continues to aggressively pursue the hottest in-ring talents available, it appears that the company is also looking to snap up any non-wrestling talent who can help bring something to the overall WWE product – as seen by WWE now signing up McKenzie Mitchell and Matt Camp.

Both Mitchell and Camp took to Twitter to confirm their respective WWE signings.

For McKenzie Mitchell, she’s previously worked as a backstage interviewer for Impact Wrestling under Dixie Carter’s stewardship. Having been with Impact since May 2016, Mitchell left the company this past January. More recently, Mitchell has worked for Fox Sports West out of Los Angeles in addition to providing commentary on the independent scene.

Where Matt Camp is concerned, he’s previously worked for Bleacher Report and Sirius XM. Camp has already taken up his WWE role as an on-air host for WWE Digital.

Given the impending TNT debut of All Elite Wrestling, WWE is clearly keen to snap up as much available talent – in-ring or not – as they gear themselves up to face their first real competition in many a year. That, of course, providing AEW becomes the wrestling company that so many fans are hoping for.

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