WWE Hold Tryout In London For Top UK, European And International Female Talent

Session Moth Martina, Candy Floss, Jamie Hayter and Gisele Shaw amongst 18 potential superstars.

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18 female wrestlers are attending tryouts at WWE's UK Performance centre this week to gauge their potential futures as superstars for the company. Veterans and newcomers alike will be put through their paces in front of WWE's Head of Global Recruiting, William Regal. Coach Sarah Stock, NXT UK referees Joel Allen and Chris Sharpe, NXT UK wrestler Jack Starz and industry legend James Mason are also on hand to lend their experience and opinion to proceedings.

British wrestlers attending include Candy Floss, Shax (Bethany Jefferson), Jamie Hayter, Rhio (Rhianna McDonnnell), Mariah May Mead, Jayde (Jade Noble), Jessica Light (Hannah Simpson), Dani Luna (Chloe Smyth), Heather Schofield, Kanji (Winona Makanji) and Mercedez Blaze.

Perhaps the most famous talent at the tryout is Dubliner Karen Glennon, well known on the independent scene as Session Moth Martina. Fellow Irish competitors attending include Valkyrie Marie Cusak, Debbie Keitel (Kaydell Joyce) and Emma O'Sullivan.

The remaining athletes from the rest of the world participating are Italian Sabrina Casiraghi (aka Jokey and Aivil), Australian Steph de Lander and the ever popular Gisele Shaw.

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Talent tryout will include multiple sessions over three days focussing on fitness, and ring-work promo skills. With WWE's women's roster going from strength to strength across their programming we look forward to seeing the successful candidates as part of their schedule in the near future.

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