WWE Icon BURIES Bret Hart And Shawn Michaels

Current AEW man blasted some fellow WWE Hall Of Famers in a remarkable rant.

Jake Roberts

Jake Roberts served up a quite brutal double takedown on Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels during a recent episode of his 'Snake Pit' podcast.

The current AEW man told listeners that he wasn't a huge fan of either star during their respective primes. Summing it up, Jake said "they were part of that era that quit selling things and just did everything". That style didn't suit Roberts, apparently - he wanted everyone to slow down just a tad.


Christ knows what he thinks of most All Elite trios matches then!

Seriously though, it was slightly unexpected to hear Jake bash Bret and HBK for their in-ring work, and he wasn't done there. Roberts also criticised Hart's "dull" promos, and added that Shawn "didn't set anything on fire" in terms of drawing solid business.



The verbal chops didn't stop there either. Jake continued by saying he wasn't sold on how physically small Bret and Shawn were compared to giants like Hulk Hogan and others who had come before. That will not go down well online amongst modern wrestling fans, but it doesn't seem like Roberts cares.


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